Massage from the Founder and Group CEO

Do it Now!

Ideas remain boundless. Ideas connect utopia with reality, both being separated just by a nick of time. The creation of the world today is on the foundation of ideas, for which in most cases are never actualised. One may never know how viable one's mind is if one constantly does not engage the mind in healthy thoughts. Growing up in a country as Nigeria, one risks the chances of personal development being shortchanged for mere survival for the day. This alone is responsible for the many unachieved dreams, but then the big question remains why the wait?

XLab Consultancy is one of the few Nigerian dreams which saw the light of day. It is a gift of hope that dreams indeed can come to fruition as long as the mind is never bereft of ideas, and hope never dimmed out. Africa is incidenced with myriads of problems, but is also equipped with the wherewithal to break out of the vicious circle of poverty. This became the foundation upon which XLab Consultancy was created. Having toured most parts of Africa in comparison with the rest of the world, I have observed the continent is not as brain-dead as may have been thought to have been. However, Africa's concern lies in harnessing it's potentials. So if we can harness the resources embedded in the African continent, we just might not only identify problems, but solve them.

When do we start? The right time is now! Together, we could create a driving force that would sweep through all corners of the continent, uniting ideas from all walks of life through interdisciplinary concerns bearing in mind the target of enabling sustainable development in the African continent. A new dawn is nigh, thus a call on great minds alike to explore various fields of study while breaking barriers through innovations, inventions and a dependence on the world's most powerful graphics chip - the imagination. There certainly is no better time to move the world forward than now!

Ekene Stephen Aguegboh

Founder and Group CEO