Scholarship Letters

Scholarship Letters

Dear Uncle Sam,

I do hope this note finds you in great state of mind. I intend paying you a visit in about a fortnight, with an intention to stay for an academic period of six weeks. I had made arrangements for my feeding expense but i'm hoping on you for an accommodation and a cover of my travel expense. I look forward to having a great stay at your place.

Faithfully yours,


Chinonso Victoria Agu

Research Associate


Writing scholarship letters are sure bets to getting information across directly to those you hope would consider you. Scholarship boards may have many reasons for considering a candidate, based on the information you have provided them with. But then, their decisions are informed by any of academic excellence or economic factors. Liaise with any of our editorial agents and get this done in quality time.

We Reflect your Strength

We do understand very much that in most cases, not all weaknesses are weaknesses. What would matter would be how they are portrayed. At XLab Consultancy, all we see are your strengths. Our team members have requisite training in harnessing human capital and are thus at best position in narrating your weak points as areas of exploitable potentials.

Institutional Interrelationship

Our relationship with other institutions gives us an edge in having an in-depth knowledge of organizational structures and how best to present your case. Be it a grant, cover for tuition or any other cost, we would match your needs with available opportunities.

Pros and Cons

There is so much information asymmetry in the business of scholarship applications. Well maybe not to the scholarship boards, thus the reason you have to tell them of your yourself. But the real question is, how much of them do you know? Our editorial team are equipped with information and tools of research for further enquiry into eligibility conditions of these boards. Since many boards do not fund specific programmes, while others do, we are here to help bridge this gap and an aim of presenting why you are eligible to being a recipient.