Enumerator services

Enumerator services

I once sent my little cousins to count how many bottles of Soda was left in the crate unopened. One reported 7, the second reported 8 and the third reported 7 bottles and a half filled bottle. An argument then followed. The first said sir, it's actually half empty, while the third retorted, it's half full. I was to judge what count this would be. I made a decision about this and i'm also leaving you to make yours. Enumeration is an art and it depends on the intent of the research to be conducted. ​

Godfrey Ikechukwu Ihedimma

Director of Research


Surveys are own-attempts at studying specific concepts in the context of very specific narratives. The quality of many of such research work in terms of empirics depends majorly on the accuracy and availability of data. Data exists everywhere, if only you know where to look... or whom to look up to for it! 


​At XLab Consultancy, we are of the view that in line with world best practices, data generation ought to be scientific in nature. This forestalls the numerous pitfalls one may encounter while using data. Our enumerators are highly skilled professionals trained in the art of data collection using all sampling techniques available as applicable. This remains at the heart of data generation - it's being scientific!



​With personnel who are well knowledgeable about the Nigerian terrain, we are poised to executing enumerator services as cost efficient as possible. Our enumerator services is formatted to minimize the occurrence of bias in data. Thus, adequate mapping of sample areas are executed using geoinformatic-inclined approaches.



One critical aspect of enumeration is duration and cost implications of the process. many firms do not carry out own studies due to the lack of information which is also owed to the cost of obtaining information. How about paying a sum way below the expected value of perfect information? Our cost indulgence in gathering data is efficient to allow for firm growth and informed forecasting.


Enumerator Training Services

Our enumeration services also extend to training programmes and workshops for organisations and individuals alike. Explore the opportunities embedded in our training services for various research types. We are equipped with personnel who are conversant with primary survey enumeration and data processing. Our services also affords you the opportunity of being trained in pre-analysis issues associated with enumeration for cross sectional data.