Preparing Business and Marketing Plans

Preparing Business and Marketing Plans

To have great sales, think of what to sell, then think of whom to sell to and how to sell.​

Cynthia Harcourt Oroma

Research Associate


Everyone knows you need a business plan, yet many entrepreneurs do not realize a marketing plan is just as vital. Unlike a business plan, a marketing plan focuses on winning and keeping customers; it is strategic and includes numbers, facts and objectives. A good marketing plan spells out all the tools and tactics you’ll use to achieve your sales goals. It’s your plan of action—what you will sell, who will want to buy it and the tactics you will use to generate leads that result in sales. The marketing plan though will not exist without a business plan!

Situation Analysis

Target audiences have become extremely specialized and segmented. No matter your industry, from restaurants to professional services to retail clothing stores, positioning your product or service competitively requires an understanding of your niche market. Not only can we describe what you market, but do we have experts whose duties are having lucid understanding of what your competitors are offering and be able to show how your product or service provides a better value.

We can Define your Target Audience

Irrespective of your marketing needs, we define your target audience based on their type of business, job title, size of business, geographic location or any other characteristics that make them possible prospects. No matter who your target audience is, XLab Consultancy is sure to narrowly define them, thus having it as guide in planning your media and public relations campaigns.

Communication Strategies and Tactics

We formulate good marketing programmes targeted at prospects at all stages of your sales cycle. Some marketing tactics, such as many forms of advertising, public relations and direct marketing, are great for reaching cold prospects. Warm prospects—those who have previously been exposed to your marketing message and perhaps even met you personally—will respond best to permission-based email, loyalty programmes and customer appreciation events, among others. Your hottest prospects are individuals who have been exposed to your sales and marketing messages and are ready to close a sale. Generally, interpersonal sales contact (whether in person, by phone, or email) combined with marketing adds the final heat necessary to close sales. Irrespective of the prospect type, we identify them and prepare you to serve them better.

Realistic Budgets

Be it business plans or marketing plans, we are also committed to cost forecasts and efficiency. Our plans are doled out with utmost consideration for your firm size. This means there is a budget for every firm and target objective.