Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

At the end of every year,  the King would disguise himself and sit amongst his subjects. He feasts with them as a commoner to hear what his subjects really think of him. This had always kept him ahead of plots to take down his kingdom.​

Godfrey Ikechukwu Ihedimma

Director of Research


We provide businesses the opportunity to obtain independent, non-biased evaluation of their business practices, service delivery, employee behaviour in the form of an external party. The reports generated from mystery shopping activities, usually written, are forwarded to the client and can be used in a number of ways. Mystery shoppers can also objectively evaluate competitors and their service delivery and product mix for comparisons and bench-marking.

Independent Policy Auditors

One of the approaches is a field-based research technique of engaging Xlab Consultancy as an independent auditor posing as customers to gather information about product quality and service delivery by a retail firm. When we serve as mystery shoppers dispatched to visit a business, we use criteria developed by the client to evaluate the business and focus primarily on service delivery and the sales skills of employees.  We can also do this for our client who engage in field work so that we can mystery shop for them in order to ensure that enumerators maintain quality control in data collection exercises.


Alternative Route to Firm Objectives

​Mystery shopping is a form of consumer research and the very first step of the consumer research process is to develop your research objectives. Your research objectives stem from your research problem. This means that the objectives of your research, when it comes to mystery shopping, is not limited and can stem from whatever your business specific research problems are. Our consultants can help you develop strategies to carrying out mystery shopping targeted at specific objectives for your business be it product penetration, pricing, advertisement impact  or the like.


Identity Protection

No one spies with his own identity left uncovered. If you would have to go on mystery shopping, you would have to consider outsourcing it, and who else could do that better for you other than XLab Consultancy? With us as lead team on mystery shopping, you risk less of being associated with your permanent staff. This would help reduce the level of bias in the data to be collected. we have the adequate infrastructure and skilled staff who are ready to be on the go at any point in time, thus allowing for your convenience. We also are dynamic in the conduct of mystery shopping such that our models change to suite the industry demands as it evolves. This keeps up the pace with the changes in the industry.