Market Surveys

Market Surveys

Prospect #1: We'll buy those shoes if they are green

Prospect #2: We'll buy your shoes if the soles are flat

Prospect #3: Are you kidding? These shoes aren't even of pure leather

Prospect #4: How about making these shoes without shoe laces

Marketing Manager to Production Manager: Sir, I recommend our product lines are developed based on the following demands​

Chidinma Olivia Nwizu

Research Associate

Market research aims at understanding why consumers will patronise your product(s). It studies such things as consumer behaviour, including how cultural, societal and personal factors influence that behaviour. While you worry about the size of your current market share, you also need to worry about new prospects for customers and products as well as cheaper means to production. 

Market Penetration

​There are several means to market penetration and some are more efficient than the others while some are peculiar to specific goods than as with others. We are here to help conduct your surveys to decipher how best you may penetrate the market regardless of how competitive the industry is.


Avoid Complexities

We can sell you everything from industry studies to credit reports on individual companies. Market research is not cheap as it requires significant amounts of expertise, manpower and technology to develop solid research. We at XLab Consultancy are readily available to get market surveys readily handy at your doorsteps, so you now have one less thing to worry about.


Track Industry Changes

In a bid to follow up on the changes that occur in any given industry, it is necessary that you keep tab on the dynamics of the industry. Firms are at loss some times because they do not know when it is time for an upscale of the factor inputs to meet up with industry conditions. We offer you a service in market survey which builds models that plans for contingencies. So while you enjoy new information on the industry's performance, you may also track the changes that occur in the industry in which you operate.


Plan for Tomorrow

Market surveys and research enables you plan for tomorrow. Your survey may extend from competitor products and services to wage pricing models. Whatever your needs, XLab Consultancy affords you an opportunity at planning for operational efficiency as powered by market surveys, thus another reason why you should let us guide you through.


Capital Expansion

Our surveys would enable you access on feasibility of capital expansion via venture capitalists, public offers or loanable funds. We are here to map and match various strategies of expansion to their respective market plans be it diversification, rebranding, advertisement and the like.