Proof-reading and Editing Services

Proof-reading and Editing Services

“No words are too good for the cutting-room floor, no idea so fine that it cannot be phrased more succinctly.” 
― Merilyn Simonds, Gutenberg’s Fingerprint: A Book Lover Bridges the Digital Divide

At Xlab, we strive to give formless ideas form. However, we understand that the client may have on his own given his idea form. Which is why we go further to dress it up and set it on a rollercoaster ride to greatness. We do not edit for editing sake. We give your work the confidence to go on in the world and fulfil its purpose.​

Chidozie Victor Nnachor



Nicely written papers say a lot about the presenter and can be the difference between success and failure. That is why at XLab Consultancy, we take utmost care to ensure your writings come out in the best possible shape, form and tone using a myriad of resources, tools, and software at our disposal. 

Quality of Service

We have experts in different fields who are experienced and skilled in professional writing, editing and proof reading.


Affordable and Fast

​From students on a budget, small business enterprises, to very large transnational companies and NGOs, our services are affordable and can be easily accessed by almost everyone. Your works are delivered in real time. Depending on the volume, it could be delivered in as less as five hours.


Appropriate Style and Referencing

We ensure your works come out in styles that best fit its purpose and target audience for effective communication. We also ensure all references appear in the appropriate referencing style.



Your works are secured with us. We are obligated to keep confidential every of our client's work. It is for this reason that only the editorial team, headed by an                        are opportuned at unlimited though restricted access to the documents. On completion, your work automatically deletes from our database after a period of one month (30 days).  


Up-To-Date Editing tools and Appplications

We have at our disposal, a good number of editing software, applications and tools to ensure your works are original, error free and customized to suit its purpose.


Trainings and Development

Year round, our editors go on special trainings, seminars and workshops, to improve their editing outcomes, keep abreast with new developments in professional writing and editing, as well as increase their efficiency.