Production of Industry-Based Periodicals

Production of Industry-Based Periodicals

"The Microeconomy holds lots of details, many of which are not being paid attention to. Business decisions hinges on information else one may fall victim of information asymmetry-related problems. Stay ahead of your contemporaries... Always ask!"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Godfrey Ikechukwu Ihedimma

Director of Research


Want to learn more about the industry in which you operate? You might want to consider our analytics of various sectors of the microeconomy in relation with the macroeconomy. XLab Consutlancy affords you the opportunity of taking a first hand glance at what goes on in sectors and subsectors of various industries.


Pick the industry and we will dig! We are aware that our clients are very much interested in what their chances are before they invest in certain industries. We are also aware that some of our clients need info on industries to quell their curiosity or for research puroposes. Whatever may be the reason, XLab professionals always provide verifiable info to our clients.


Most firms many not possess the ability to observe turning points within in their industry. Many of these points are influenced by government policies, changes in the market structure, or even the world economic prices. At XLab Consultancy, upon contact, uses the market characteristics to make informed decisions about industries.

Market Survey

How well do you know your competitors? Are you interested in introducing new products? Do you know some firms viewed as competitors strengthen the presence of your goods and services in the market? Our team members take surveys to help inform how your firm on adaptability of your business in tandem with previous achievements and or future expectations.

Industry at a glance

W e are committed to making an x-ray of the industry in which your firm exists, such that by means of indicators market performance could be deciphered.