XLab Consultant History

In the beginning...

Inspired by the need to meet the research needs of individuals and provide of consultancy service to Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMSEs), XLab Consultancy began as a problem-solving outfit managed by a crop of young people in Nigeria.  This firm started as an informal business in 2007 serving a number of clients – mainly individuals – who needed research services in their academic and private business endeavours as well as SMSEs that needed consultancy services in the areas of business plan writing, feasibility study reports, amongst other things.


By 2015, XLab Consultancy received a certificate of incorporation from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, according it a legal entity to represent specific and modulated interests primarily in the areas of economics, research, finance, and other allied areas. ​After incorporation, XLab Consultancytransitioned from traditional research and business services to the pursuit of proposal writing and research grants, provision of enumerator services and other business solutions and promotion services.


At the moment…


A few years after incorporation, XLab Consultancy has grown her human resources, clientele base as well as the range of services she offers. Presently, she has an executive team of six persons, an advisory board of two established professionals and about twelve research associates/consultants.  Some these executive team members and research associates/consultants who continue to serve the firm in various capacities are based in the UK, Germany and USA where they are pursuing further training in their areas of expertise and seeking out opportunities and platforms for collaborations, partnerships and other business interests on behalf of the firm.


On the current clientele base of the firm, there is a growing list of individuals, businesses, government agencies and other forms of institutions that have and still reach out for her services.  The firm has secured and concluded projects on certain research grants in collaboration with the University of Nigeria (Nigeria), Durham University (UK), University of Newcastle (UK), Michigan State University (USA), Commonwealth Shared and MasterCard Foundations Scholarships.  The firm has also executed enumerator services successfully, in collaboration with the African Development Solutions International (Anambra and Imo State of Nigeria) on the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Nationwide Consumer Satisfaction Survey in the South-east Zone of Nigeria comprising Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi States.


Over time, the firm has branched out into new areas of research, business solutions and promotion services as well as other consultancy services. Some of these services include idea generation & concept development, research services, production of industry-based periodicals, small and medium-scale accounting services, business solutions and promotion services, proof-reading and editing services, enumerator services, market surveys, mystery shopping, opinion polls, preparing business and marketing plans and scholarship letters.


A look at the future...


In the future, XLab Consultancy plans to become a global one-stop shop where a market for a variety of consultancy services is established in order to create value, which can be translated into different areas of human life and development. Bearing this in mind, we hope to tap into the potentials and talents of our growing human resource in order to solve the challenges our clients face in their everyday life.

The model promised by this firm is such that her human resources sustain the firm in their capacities as “intrapreneurs,” thus, it is the people at XLab Consultancy that give life to her. All ramifications of the future of this firm is hinged on her people; therefore, capacity development is key at XLab Consultancy.


The future of this firm is aptly captured in the word of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”